Press release – October 2015
ARTIS sends ambassadors for vocational training to the schools

ARTIS GmbH takes part in the EU-project “Ambassadors for vocational training” by
the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Luneburg-Wolfsburg.

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» ARTIS Ambassadors

Press release – March 2014
As many windows as you need
New version of the visualization software for Genior Modular with multiview display

The new software version 18-3-3-0 for the Genior Modular fully automatic tool and process monitoring system from ARTIS now makes it possible to display not just one selected signal but almost any number of different signals and channels at the same time.

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» ARTIS_PR_Multiview_en_online

Press release – February 2014
Onboard amplifier
New piezoelectric force sensor RS-Mxx from ARTIS with integrated charge amplifier

The new force sensor detects with a sensitivity in the μm range. The integrated charge amplifier underpins the high stability and quality of the signals transmitted from the sensor to the evaluation electronics of the process monitoring system.

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» ARTIS_PR_RS_Mxx_en_online

Press release – January 2014
CTM V6 – fast and flexible
ARTIS presents a new generation of the successful process monitoring system CTM

A flexible interface concept enables numerous configurations and the integration into
even more types of control system. Due to a number of options, the CTM
V6 is ideally suited for tool and process monitoring as well as documentation in

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Press release – January 2014
Tried and tested one thousand times
ARTIS produces the one thousandth DDU contactless sensor system

When equipped with the
appropriate measuring transducers, the DDU is suitable for operation with the CTM
or Genior Modular process monitoring systems.

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» ARTIS_PR_1000DDU_en_online

Press release – December 2013
Number 15,000
Serial number 15,000 issued for the CTM process monitoring system from ARTIS

ARTIS has produced and delivered the 15,000th CTM card. The card lies at the heart of the CTM process monitoring system.

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» ARTIS_PR_15000_CTM_en_online

Press release – November 2013
New converter from ARTIS for connection to the Genior Modular process monitoring system

ARTIS presents a new converter for the fully automatic Genior Modular process monitoring system.

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» ARTIS_PR_IO_01_en_online

Press release – November 2013
Non-contact measurement for mass production lines
ARTIS presents a new module for the fully automatic Genior Modular process monitoring system

With its TF-01 module, ARTIS GmbH showcases another valuable component for its fully automatic Genior Modular process monitoring system.

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» ARTIS_PR_TF_01_en_online

Press release – October 2013
One for three
ARTIS presents acceleration sensor VA-3D for three axes

ARTIS introduces the VA-3D piezo sensor, one single component for three axes.

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» ARTIS_PM_VA_3D_en_online

Press release – October 2013
Production cycle time shortened by optimized feed rate
Adaptive Control from ARTIS

ARTIS has developed the function Adaptive Control (AC) which optimizes the feed rate to match processing

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» ARTIS_PM_AC_en_online

Press release – September 2013
Foundation stone for new company headquarters is laid.
On 18 September, ARTIS GmbH laid the foundation stone for the new company building. Business at the new location in Egestorf (District Harburg) is scheduled to start in the fall of 2014. The modern building will house approximately 100 employees.

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» ARTIS_PR_Foundation_Stone_online

Press release – July 2013
Process reliability for tomorrow’s machining needs”.
ARTIS showcases its innovation strength on the EMO booth of Machining Innovations Network e.V.

With its tailor-made systems for tool and process monitoring, ARTIS GmbH makes a very important contribution to process reliability and optimization in the machining sector.

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» ARTIS_PM_MIN_en_online

Press release – April 2012
ARTIS Genior Modular at focus:
… in the motion world – edition 2/2011 of SIEMENS.

Abstract of the Newsletter Magazine: More Performance, Usability and Efficiency with Sinumerik Innovations – Production Solutions for Future Markets.
Siemens is presenting its innovations at EMO and offering flexible solutions to meet the current and future requirements of the metal-working industry under the slogan “Productivity in Motion.” We spoke to the head of the Machine Tools (MT) Business Segment, Joachim Zoll, about the changing requirements in the industry.

ARTIS is SIEMENS Solution Partner.

Magazine as PDF – see page 26 / ARTIS Genior Modular:
» Download MotionWorld-2011-2-en.pdf

Press release – February 2012
The managing board of Machining Innovations Network e.V.
Hans-Georg Conrady from ARTIS GmbH – seat on the board as vice chairman.

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For further information about Machining Innovations Network, please refer to this download:
» Imagebroschuere_MIN.pdf

Press release – October 2011
New Divison – ARTIS GmbH, Division SANtec Automation in Viernheim, Germany.
MARPOSS S.p.A. (Bologna, ITALY) is proud to announce the acquisition of SANtec Automation of Viernheim, Germany through his affiliate ARTIS GmbH.

Existing SANtec personnel will be retained and the Company will operate as Division of ARTIS GmbH in the present location.

SANtec was created in 1998 by Mr. Wolfgang Sawicki, through a management buy-out of an existing division of Sandvik Automation, already active since almost 20 years in the field of automating and monitoring the machining production process.

His product range includes today innovative solutions such as:

  • Fine Boring Systems automatically driven through in-line gauging, for transfer lines and machining centres
  • Tool Monitoring Systems to detect tool wear, breakage and missing tool in the machining operations

In announcing the acquisition, MARPOSS President, Mr. Stefano Possati said: “SANtec products represent the perfect integration of MARPOSS strategy to provide the right solutions to Machine Tool Makers and End Users for the optimisation of machining processes. The acquisition of first class companies, with a market leading position in their sectors, is one of the keys of our strategy. After the acquisition of ARTIS GmbH, the worldwide leader in Tool and Machine Monitoring applications on cutting machine tools, this further investment confirm our commitment on this new and very promising sector for the Company growth. ARTIS GmbH was acquired at the end of 2008 and we are quite satisfied of their full integration in MARPOSS Worldwide Organisation. ARTIS has the perfect synergies to exploit through SANtec Products”.

MARPOSS is a world leader in inspection and process control technologies for a broad range of manufacturing industries.
The Company was established by Mario Possati in 1952. Since then, MARPOSS has provided shopfloor solutions incorporating a wide range of technologies including electronic, non-destructive (ND), optical and pneumatic, for measurement, leak test and process control of manufactured components to the automotive, aerospace, biomedical, energy and IT industries.

MARPOSS is leader in the inspection industry, with a strong and comprehensive organisation focused on R&D, Manufacturing, Sales&Marketing, Education and Training and After Sales Service.

SANtec Automation

Press release – 08. July 2011
4th Working group of the European “FoFdation” Project meet again to discuss machine tool and process parameters which affect lead times and surface quality in milling processes”.
Only one month after the successful Kick Off Meeting held in June, the 4th working group of the 10 M€ FOFdation project assembled again. This time to discuss which machine tool and process parameters affect lead times and surface quality in milling processes. It is the aim of the 4th working group to develop innovative technologies that will increase predictability in terms of surface quality and lead times.

During the discussions, over 100 parameters have been identified ranging from controller characteristic till the flow of coolant and machine tool stiffness. Each of them in their own right do influence lead time and surface quality, however one more than the other. Earlier discussions already made clear that the 4th Working group have set challenging objectives. According to Professor George Chryssolouris, EFFRA board member and Director of Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS) at the University of Patras (GR): “Working group 4 of the FoFdation project is aiming high with their objectives. It is however reflecting the industrial needs and with having experienced partners as Delcam (UK) and ARTIS (D) leading the work promising progress can be made. Our Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation will provide all scientific and practical support that is needed to test initial outcomes in an early stage in order to come to the wanted results as quickly as possible”.

Other partners in this 4th Working group include CADCAMation (CH), Centro Ricerche FIAT (IT), ECN (F), ETHZ (CH), FIDIA (IT), and GF Agie Charmilles (CH).

In September 2011, members of this working group will be trained at Delcam’s HeadQuarter in Birmingham in using Delcam’s advanced manufacturing software package PowerMILL. This software will be the platform for integrating innovative algorithms compensating for the influence of the mentioned parameters on cutter paths. This will enable predictable outcomes in terms of surface quality and lead times. In October 2011, all work group partners will meet at ARTIS to be trained in the ARTIS products and to discuss the progress as to be made in the coming months.


This project is co-funded by the European Commission as part of the European Economic Recovery Plan (EERP) adopted in 2008. The EERP proposes the launch of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in three sectors, one of them being Factories of the Future (FoF). Factories of the Future is a EUR 1.2 billion program in which the European Commission and industry are collaborating in research to support the development and innovation of new enabling technologies for the EU manufacturing sector.

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Pressrelease as PDF:
» FoFdation WP4 KOM Press Release_20110708.pdf

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Pressrelease – 28. April 2011
The 2nd issue of the quarterly Newsletter of the COMET project is out now.

In this issue:

  • COMET technologies: the Robot Path Generation
  • First COMET metal cuts at TEKS monitored by Artis control unit
  • COMET partner profiles: Delcam plc and Artis GmbH
  • COMET publications

COMET is an EU funded research project aimed at bringing industrial robots to the accuracy requested by high-end machining.

For this 2nd issue Newsletter, please refer to this download:

ARTIS GmbH is the leading international company in the field of tool, process and machine condition monitoring and adaptive control of processes. ARTIS increase quality and reduce cost in production processes. In COMET project ARTIS is mainly involved in the development of the kinematic and dynamic models of the robots, the KDMIR system of WP1, which represents the robots’ unique signature, basis for the path programming. The experience of ARTIS in monitoring is transferred to monitor the new COMET robot. ARTIS is also a key partner for the demonstration phase of the project, when the COMET control platform will be tested on real parts in industrial environments.

Find more about ARTIS in the COMET project at:

Pressrelease – 19. October 2010
European COMET Project targets the use of industrial robots for high-end machining for cost effective, flexible and reliable manufacturing solutions in the Factory of the Future.
Delcam recently hosted the inaugural meeting in Alicante, Spain, of the 8 M€ COMET project funded by the European Commission. As the Co-ordinating Partner, Delcam is combining ist experience and expertise in manufacturing with 13 other technical partners from 8 countries across Europe to use plug-and-produce COmponents and METhods for adaptive control of industrial robots enabling high-end machining for cost effective, flexible and reliable manufacturing solutions. Partners include Nikon (B), ARTIS (D), AMRC (UK), TEKS (Fr), Fraunhofer IPA (D), BTU (D), Lund University (S), Gizelis (Gr), University of Patras (Gr), N Bazigos (Gr), DemoCenter Sipe (It), SIR (It), and Nisaform (CZ). The COMET project will impact on automotive, aerospace, high precision and mould & die applications.

For further information, please refer to this download:
» COMET_KOM_Press_Release_191010_GB.pdf

Pressrelease – 16. December 2008
MARPOSS S.p.A. acquires control of ARTIS Gesellschaft für angewandte Messtechnik mbH.
On October 31, 2008 MARPOSS acquired control of ARTIS Gesellschaft für angewandte Meßtechnik GmbH, a developer, manufacturer and supplier of process monitoring solutions, located in Bispingen near Hamburg, Germany. Established in 1983, ARTIS makes a range of in-process tool, process and machine condition monitoring systems and adaptive control, currently mainly for metal-cutting applications. Its market-leading products are primarily used by manufacturers of machine tools in aerospace, automotive and other capital goods industries worldwide. ARTIS solutions help customers to increase productivity and decrease total life cycle costs of machine tools. ARTIS sells in approx. 25 countries with an installed base of approx. 15,000 systems.

Hans-Georg Conrady, Managing Director of ARTIS, said that working with MARPOSS represents a perfect opportunity to rolling out ARTIS’ products on a broader geographic scale via MARPOSS’ global distribution network. “Additionally we see some very interesting new solutions coming out of the combination of MARPOSS and ARTIS technology and products”.

MARPOSS President, Stefano Possati, commented: “ARTIS offers cutting-edge solutions with large potential to be used in additional applications and by current and future MARPOSS customers on a global basis”. Mr. Possati added: “Our goal is growing in a solid and continued way both in our traditional and new markets. Purchasing quality companies with products that are complementary to those of MARPOSS is a tool that we will continue using in addition to our strong activity in research and development inside the company”.


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