MARPOSS Monitoring Solutions

MARPOSS Monitoring Solutions GmbH is the leading international company in the tool and process monitoring sector for metal cutting technologies. The systems take over the task of analyzing, safeguarding and optimizing production processes. With 30 years of experience in process monitoring, ARTIS today is the world’s biggest supplier of monitoring systems and adaptive control solutions for metal cutting machine tools. Over 20,000 systems are currently in use, primarily in the automotive and aviation industries, and are used in the manufacture of single parts as well as mass production.
Around 1,200 new systems are installed world-wide every year.
ARTIS works closely together with the manufacturers on machine conception, and integration into the standard control types. ARTIS engineers and application technicians boast many years of interdisciplinary experience in all of the most important processing aspects involved in metal cutting, as well as NC, PLC, drives, bus systems, tools, clamping tools, machine structures, machine components, workpiece materials, consumables, emulsions and cooling lubricants.
The latest technologies in hardware and software form the basis for the development and production of our own strain gage and piezoelectric sensors.


In 2008, ARTIS joined the MARPOSS Group, which is the leading group of companies for production measurement technology. The products from MARPOSS companies play a crucial role along the whole production chain in optimizing quality and rationalizing production processes. MARPOSS is always in your vicinity world-wide with its global distribution and service network in 80 countries with over 2,500 employees.

Find some information about the implementation into the MARPOSS group of the RoHS directive and the REACH regulation » here


ARTIS is located in Egestorf, south of Hamburg, lying directly on the A7 motorway. The ultramodern building provides space for 100 employees on a space of 3,600 m². ARTIS is set to continue growth.


ARTIS is a member of several networks, such as
Machining Innovations Network as an integration platform for cutting-related topics
» Machining Innovations Network

and the Production Innovations Network, joined to the Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Werkzeugmaschinen at the University of Hanover, aiming to bring together academic research with the companies. (website in German)

» Procuction Innovations Network

ARTIS is also part of the network In-the-Loop of Leuphana University Luneburg. In the LOOP is a new service for business practitioners and researchers in interpersonal performance management.

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