Data capturing

  • Sensorless with DTA (Digital Torque Adapter). Uses a selection of the drive data captured by the control to evaluate the spindle torque and the feeder axles

  • Additional or alternative external sensors for
    • Extension and force
    • Active power
    • Torque
    • Vibration and acceleration
    • Mechanical vibration
    • Standard power or voltage signal


  • The CTM visualization software is used to visualize four monitoring channels simultaneously
  • In the picture at a glance: the blue areas highlight agreement between the actual processing and the learning curve values. The red areas highlight deviations
  • Monitoring is very finely adjusted by restricting it precisely to the relevant process phases


  • Direct integration within the control. Input and visualization via the operator control panel (Fig. left)
  • When integration within the control is unwanted or not feasible, the card is installed in an external computer unit with a separate operator control panel (Fig. right)


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